What We Do

Ferrin Signs has been designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing signage for almost 100 years!


Our knowledgeable design team will work with you to create the sign that best represents your business. Since 1919 Ferrin Signs has produced some of the best looking most effective signs in the industry.


In our manufacturing facility, your sign will be meticulously constructed by experienced craftsmen using only the finest materials. Using state of the art equipment, manufacturing is done completely in-house. Ferrin Signs is approved by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL®) and abides by REC® requirements.


Ferrin signs performs installation for many national sign company’s including exterior and interior signage.


Ferrin Signs services all signage types. Each truck carries all necessary parts to service your display completely with one stop with normal items such as lamps, ballasts, sockets and transformers on each truck.


We are experts in all the necessary permitting requirements all over the state of Florida. We are also certified to perform all the required inspections throughout the installation process.

Palm Beach State College - Lake worth
Corporate Center Freestanding sign